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Exploring the World of .co Domains: Who Uses Them and Why?


.co domains have been gaining popularity in recent years for their versatility, professional appeal, and potential SEO benefits. But who exactly uses these domains, and why have they become such a popular choice? In this article, we will delve into the world of .co domains by discussing their origins and target users, as well as their potential pros and cons for various industries.

Origin and Purpose of .co Domains

The .co domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia, initially intended to be used by Colombian entities. However, in 2010, Colombia opened up the .co domain to the global market, allowing anyone to register a .co domain. This decision positioned .co as an alternative to the increasingly saturated .com domain space, making it an attractive option for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a memorable and distinctive domain.

Who Uses .co Domains?

Since becoming available for global registration, .co domains have been adopted by a diverse group of users, including:

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Many startups and entrepreneurs choose .co domains for their businesses because of its association with the term “company,” making it an obvious choice for organizations looking to establish a professional online presence. Additionally, the .co domain space is less crowded than the .com space, making it easier for startups to find and secure relevant domain names for their ventures.

Technology Companies

Tech companies often utilize .co domains for their websites, as the domain perfectly reflects the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the tech industry. Some well-known tech companies that use .co domains include AngelList ( and 500 Startups (

Creative Professionals and Freelancers

For freelancers and creative professionals, using a .co domain can help convey a modern, innovative, and stylish image. This domain extension is perfect for individuals offering services such as graphic design, web development, and digital marketing, among others.

Domain Investors

Domain investors are always on the lookout for valuable domain names to buy and resell for profit. With the .com domain space being highly competitive, many domain investors have turned to .co domains to secure valuable and marketable web addresses.

Pros and Cons of Using .co Domains


1. Availability: With the .com domain space becoming increasingly saturated, finding a suitable and memorable domain name can be challenging. .co domains offer a viable alternative with more available options.

2. Professional Image: The .co domain extension is often associated with the term “company,” giving it a professional image that appeals to businesses and entrepreneurs.

3. SEO Benefits: Although using a .co domain won’t inherently give you an SEO advantage over a .com domain, its memorable and brandable nature could contribute to your overall SEO efforts. Users are more likely to remember a short and distinctive .co domain and revisit your site, which can positively impact your search rankings.


1. Lack of Recognition: Some people may not be as familiar with .co domains, potentially leading to confusion or misdirected web traffic if users assume your website uses the more common .com domain.

2. Higher Cost: .co domains are typically more expensive than the more common domain extensions like .com and .net. This price difference may be a barrier for some individuals or small businesses when deciding which domain to choose.


.co domains have emerged as a versatile and professional domain extension that appeals to various industries, from startups and tech companies to freelancers and investors. However, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of using a .co domain for your specific needs, taking into consideration factors such as availability, cost, and potential SEO benefits.


What is a .co domain?

A .co domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia, which has been available for global registration since 2010. It is often associated with companies and has become a popular choice for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why would someone choose a .co domain over a .com domain?

A .co domain offers a more available and memorable alternative to the highly competitive .com domain space. Additionally, it may appeal to businesses and entrepreneurs due to its association with the term “company.”

Do .co domains have any SEO benefits?

Using a .co domain doesn’t inherently grant any SEO benefits over a .com domain. However, the memorable and brandable nature of .co domains can contribute to your overall SEO efforts by increasing user recall and potential repeat visits to your website.

Are .co domains more expensive than other domain extensions?

.co domains are generally more expensive than other common domain extensions such as .com and .net. This higher cost is something to consider when choosing a domain for your website.

Can anyone register a .co domain?

Yes, since 2010, anyone can register a .co domain, regardless of their location or affiliation with Colombia.

Is a .co domain suitable for an international audience?

Yes, .co domains have been widely adopted by various industries and users around the globe, making it a suitable choice for an international audience.

What type of businesses or industries commonly use .co domains?

Common users of .co domains include startups and entrepreneurs, technology companies, creative professionals, and domain investors.